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TESOL Certificate Program

TESOL is the optimum certification program to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages, specifically to Teenagers and Adults. Our affiliated institutes offer TESOL with the highest global standards. Potential employments are from teaching in Immigration Schools to coaching in Language Schools & Private Colleges Worldwide. TEC is the Children model of TESOL education.

TESOL Certificate Program

Approved by TFSOL Québec, TFSOL Certificate known as DELFI (Diplômed’enseignement de la langue françaiseinternationale), Teaching French to Speakers of Other Languages is particularly tailored for instructions to Teenagers & Adults. TESOL Québec is the accredited member of TESOL Canada to offer TFSOL & TESOL standards in La Belle Province du Québec

TASOL Certificate Program

“TASOL” Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages is applicable for daily Arabic commerce and general usage communication. Teaching Arabic to Children “TAC” is the Arabic version of “TEC”. TASOL & TAC programs are trademarked and developed to serve the growing number of Arabic language learners & teachers in Canada, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

TEC, TBE, TAE Certificates

Teaching English to Children- TEC is a concentration to teach ESL to kids younger than 12. TBE is Teaching Business English with advanced corporate terminologies & TAE is Teaching Academic English using IELTS & TOEFL. TEC, TBE & TAE are innovative certificate programs trademarked and available through TESOL Canada affiliates.

Postgraduate Certificates

Further certifications in CIT-Certified International Translation and Teaching Languages to Children are available in French TFC, in Spanish TSC, in Arabic TAC, and in Chinese TCC. TESOL Canada has trademarked TFC, TSC, TAC, TCC & CIT, and programs are readily accessible as Hybrid (Online & In-Class) progressive courses.

TCSOL & TSSOL Certificates

Besides the standard TESOL program, TFSOL (in French), TASOL (in Arabic), TCSOL (in Chinese), TSSOL (in Spanish), TJSOL (in Japanese), TKSOL (in Korean), TPSOL (in Persian), TISOL (in Italian), TPOSL (in Portuguese), TGSOL (in German), TRSOL (in Russian), and TTSOL (in Turkish) are similar study packages presented in global languages.