Eureka English Specialist Program

Eureka English Specialist Program is a proven and effective English Language learning course, taking the learner from the very basics to an intermediate level of English. EESP course divides in to the 3 important modules which are very easy in learning and understanding. This course is to make English language learning straightforward, attractive and effective, giving the learner access to the full power of a language lab. It provides everything necessary to learn the English language up to a level that can be used for conversation, holidays and business. EESP is the course for anyone who wishes to acquire the English language at a flexible pace, anytime and anywhere. The courses modules are;

Module-1: CIEE-Certificate in Eureka English

It is a 3-level, effective and proven English language course for learner from the very basics to an intermediate level of English. This is a first module of Eureka English Specialist Program. This course is a rich source of activities, formal/informal class discussions, role plays, stories, films and animations in addition to extensive grammar and speaking training, idioms and general language development. Eureka’s interactive and comprehensive software application at E-Learning platform enables learner to be excel on each topic through practicing on wide range of exercises, activities, speech analysis engine and through self-assessment system– an advanced component of online application.

Module-2: DIEE-Diploma in Eureka English

It is a 5-level, advanced course, for learners who want to achieve a high level of skill in English language. This is a second module of Eureka English Specialist Program. Our star course in which we help you use English like a native fluent in a year! With a step-by-step 5 level program, you will be able to speak; listen, read and write like an Englishman and will be able to speak publically. It is indeed a wonderful course for you if you want to learn from scratch and speak English language with high fluency and rich words of vocabulary in your day to day tasks, advance or higher studies work and leisure.

Module-3: EBE-Eureka Business English

Eureka Business English program is a perspicacious International English language program for all employees. It includes strategic linguistics, effective negotiation and understanding the command of financial jargon. This program focuses on real life business cases and analysis of successful companies. This is a third module of Eureka English Specialist Program. The aim of this module is to focus on the professionals skills you need for local or international business communication.