About Tesol

Eureka Global Education has been progressing rapidly in the field of education and working for advancement. Having it mind EGE decided to have collaboration with TESOL Canada & USA to train teachers professionally in their respective subject to get expertise. TESOL Canada is Canada’s largest recognized institution and the only official center to provide standards and accreditations to Teachers of English worldwide. TESOL CANADA recognition is meant to be your first step in the field of TESOL. Globally institutions recognize accreditations and TESOL memberships awarded by TESOL Canada throughout Canada, USA, UK, the European Union, South- Central America, and Asia.

Improving TESOL Standards

The overall mission of TESOL Canada is to develop cutting edge programs in Teachers Training enabling our institutional members to set up higher teaching standards in their schools and local communities.

Employment Referral Services & Legal Advice

The process guides members in verifying all legal corners of the employment contracts from Canada or overseas. TESOL Canada's employment referrals to international networked schools is a free service offered to all members.

Our Strategy

To build the best could-first & mobile-friendly platform to be used in a hybrid module format of Online and In-class combination. Emergence of technology with TESOL is only possible when IT professionals & teachers join together.

Our Ambitions

Reinvent productivity & business processes, build/ utilize the intelligent cloud platform & create more educational computing specifically in teaching languages.

TESOL Canada Research

Review our research & learn more about one of the most important TESOL research organizations in the world. Graduates and partners experience Satisfaction of our students, graduates, and school partners is a core component of our business.

New careers and procurement program

Want to work with us as we turn our passion for educational innovation into opportunities for discovery and growth? Interested in joining our global team? Start here to unlock the power of TESOL!