Message by CEO

By the grace of God, we have been able to provide quality education to our countrymen for the past 12 years, and the growing number of students that we have shown the level of trust they have in use for delivering on our promises. Now we have moved forward to make a new promise, to give the best possible English Language, Personal Development, Management Development and other related trainings available to everyone from young learners to professionals and housewives to teachers. I personally would like to see a Eureka! center in every region, every tehsil and every city. Only with a united effort can we make a change in our society and language and personal development is an excellent place to start.

At a personal level, I have a dream to create teachers. For this will lead to a society based on knowledge and eradicate hate. Every man and woman will be on a path of wonder, discovery and mystery. Train the teachers and students to train an advanced, respectable culture.

As I say, doctors save lives; teachers save souls.

Here is hoping that Eureka! will be a stepping stone in realizing this dream. And i hope along the way, we can be the catalyst for others to find their dreams too.

We are driven. Our fellow countrymen do not have access to high quality learning establishments. They do not know what exactly is world-class, so they don’t have a set benchmark of what ‘can be’. They understand that the English language is vital for their success yet not many understand the amount of energy and skill that is needed to master the language. They need a standard. We give them Eureka-English.

What we aim to deliver is not speaking, listening, reading and writing skills only. We aim to enable people to find better jobs, travel the world, study abroad and better standard and tools to be successful in life. We at Eureka say to our client “Learn for Life” - something that will make their quality of life better. They come with hope; we give them Eureka-English.

In order to make it affordable for the middle class, we have designed a business model that keeps the cost of operations considerably low yet the standards high. Our centralized support system maintains these benchmarks and updates them as required.

 It gives me immense satisfaction when I see students enrolling into our programs and leaving with the goals they set out to achieve. This is only possible when there is an organized system in place and there are many passionate teachers and professionals manning these systems. Let us make a lasting impact on our people. Let us learn the English language and other skills through our Eureka! Centers like never seen before. Our Eureka certified teachers are trained to teach along these lines. This is our ambitious aim for a changed nation.