Eureka R & D

Research is a prime source of information and information is a prime source to run any organization successfully, keeping in view this fact, Eureka is heavily investing and engaged in conducting rigorous research in new trends, processes and teaching methodologies in English Language training, Personal Development and Management Development from non-technology to technology based learning so called blended learning.

The expanding role of English, as the language of international communication, demands more efficient and effective language teaching at all levels. In response to this need, Eureka has assumed its responsibility to conduct vigorous research in identifying needs of various skills and especially “English for Specific Purpose” so called ESP. It involves investigating day to day changing needs of the people who want to utilize such skills for better study, better work and hence better life. Hence adding values to existing courses by having it’s own R&D department.

Eureka R&D- our unique ability of research and development by uncovering potential market for the required products that was previously overlooked made us to boil the areas down but not limited to the following:

  • How to improve knowledge of English grammar and ability to use it with confidence.
  • How to create technology-based tasks and activities to enrich lessons and stimulate students with technology.
  •  Skills that are needed to successfully plan lessons and teach motivating language lessons.
  • Gain and understanding of the theory and practice of blended learning, and how to create material to engage students.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of English: Preliminary and help students approach the particular exam with confidence
  • Gain a thorough understanding English for Young Learners and help students approach the tests with confidence.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of IELTS and help students approach the exam with confidence and target oriented.
  • How to deliver efficient and enjoyable grammar lessons, anticipating problems and maximizing learner success.
  • Discover new ways to present, practice and assess vocabulary and pronunciation to help  students use language communicatively
  • Discover new ways to build confidence  to help students speak among peers, groups and in Public