Certificate in Eureka English

This course is a rich source of activities, formal/informal class discussions, role plays, stories, films and animations in addition to extensive grammar and speaking training, idioms and general language development. This course enables learner to participate in discussion on any topic or event generally or among peers, and is taught in 28 weeks-time. Learners who need to prove, they can use every day written and spoken English at an Intermediate Level for general, work, travel or study purposes.
Materials: Study books are based on general English development from Eureka and Cambridge University Press.

Our proven and effective teaching style and methodology make learning straight forward, attractive and effective, giving the learner access to the full power of a language.
Our unique Digital Language Lab distinguishes us by providing everything necessary to learn the English language up to a level that can be used for conversation, holidays and business. It helps for anyone who wishes to general English language skill at a flexible pace.

Program Duration:
Certificate in Eureka English 7 Months

How Does Eureka! Help You?

 By improving your personal and professional development in a step-by-step format.
 By improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a step-by-step format
 By building your confidence to speak among peers at study, work and leisure.
 By building your confidence to speak in public
 By improving your presentation an communication skills
 By facilitating your learning material with language labs, workshops, libraries
 By creating a learning environment that rapidly moves you towards your learning goal
 By helping you gain the highest levels of English Language Proficiency Certifications.
 By facilitating your speaking and pronunciation learning with our unique speech recognition software.

Delivery Frame work

Our placement test ensures that the user starts at his/her own level, using the test results to find weaknesses and restructure the course material around those areas. Our teachers introduce students with the key learning concepts in a particular context and provide them with attractive and fun exercises which target specific English skills. Our curriculum ensures core learning with extra exercises and applications of the English language. Our practice and apply strategy and techniques enable learners to master skills quickly and effectively. Our video lessons consolidate an entire skills acquired in a Unit with a short series of interesting contextual videos that encourage effective English practice. Our regular and frequent tests assess the understanding of the learner about a particular skill with the use of a timer that limits the amount of time the user has to finish the given test. Our advanced speech recognition software acts as training partner of individual learner. It facilitates and guides learner thorough correct pronunciation, evaluation and comparison to native speaker competence;

- Analysis of every single word in the sentence with an indication of parts which require improvement
- Voice Tool visualizes native speaker and students’ recordings in various kinds of graphs
- Speech analysis allows pronunciation practice based on the learner’s own presented text makes truly a “WOW!” experience.

Our English language Institutes are administered by seasoned professionals and courses are taught by professionally-trained teachers in native and near-native speakers of British and American English.

Eureka’s small classes, customized instruction, and comprehensive learning resources help students improve their English language skills quickly and effectively.
It is indeed a wonderful course for you if you want to learn from scratch and speak English language in your day to day studies, work and leisure.