EBE-Eureka Business English

Eureka Business English an advanced form of International Business English Language program for corporate personnel’s and business persons. It is complete six month program includes the understanding of financial jargon and command over the Functional English, strategic linguistics skills practices and negotiation skills. This program focuses on real life business cases and analysis of successful companies. The basic objective of this program is to focus on the professionals linguistic skills that have become need today for local or international business communication. This program includes are;

Program Duration:
EBE-Eureka Business English 6 Months

  • Discussing about the company structure
  • Describing company procedures
  • Dealing assessing and writing job descriptions
  • Assessing job candidates and employees
  • Describing manufacturing processes and systems
  • Analyzing and predicting financial performance
  • Describing company performance
  • Making investment decisions
  • Suggesting new product and ideas
  • Researching the market
  • Branding and pricing of new products
  • Discussing advertising media
  • Preparing business reports
  • Memos and proposals
  • Writing products’ descriptions
  • Discussing Product Mix
  • Dealing with sales inquiries and sales orders
  • Negotiation about foreign representation
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Understanding of foreign culture
  • New Technology and travels advancements

Eureka Business English is also offers the soft skills program in business language which includes; The language of business meetings, Making presentations, Critical and analytical thinking and problem solving, Conducting negotiations, Writing professional reports, emails and letters, Inter and Intra Memorandums Writing, Agenda Writing, Meeting Minutes Writing, Cover Letter and Resume/CV Writing, Report Writing, Interviewing Skills, Presentation and Communication Skills.